Rice Interfaith SermonSlam

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From 20:30 pm until 21:30 pm

Willy's Pub 6100 Main St, Houston, Texas 77005

Houston Hillel

SermonSlam is a poetry slam, but for sermons. And by "sermon" we're talking about poetry, prose and other briefly delivered wisdom.

The Rice Interfaith SermonSlam crosses religious and cultural boundaries, and is for members of all faith communities - and those with no faith at all. The sermons are actually five-minute plays, poems, narratives, songs or stories delivered by members of the campus community. It's a moderated evening during which around eight people present less than five minute sermons on the topic "Love." 

Interested in slamming? Send an email to Kenny at [email protected] Not slamming? SermonSlam isn't just for participants. Show up to support the slammers, laugh and maybe even learn. SermonSlam is presented as part of Rice Interfaith Week, February 12-18, 2017.

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