Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Meeting for Worship

In Canada by


From 10:30 am until 12:30 pm

At Atlantic School of Theology Library

660 Francklyn Street Halifax Atlantic School of Theology Library, (lower level)

Interfaith Harmony Halifax / 902-435-3784

Guide for Guests: A brief introduction to the Quaker religion will be followed by a Meeting for Worship. Guests are invited to participate as we sit in a circle in silence, listening to the voice of the Spirit. One or another Friend may be moved to speak, perhaps on a spiritual subject, perhaps about a moving experience she or he may have had. We leave a space of silence between spoken ministry to allow the group to absorb the testimony. The Meeting closes with an elder taking the hands of his or her neighbours as we form a circle holding hands. A social time follows with light refreshments, friendly conversation, and questions.

Our Community: The Religious Society of Friends is a denomination flowing from the Christian tradition, founded in England in 1652, by George Fox and his followers. Friends believe there is direct communication between God and Man. By worshipping in silence, Friends experience the voice of the Divine in their hearts. Since every person has that of the Divine in them, all are equal. Women as well as men preach. All races and ethnicities are welcomed as equals among Friends. Friends avoid material objects and rituals that may distract from the spiritual. There are no scheduled prayers recited, no choir or organ, and no paid minister, since all the congregation are considered ministers. In worship, listening to the voice of the Spirit, one or another Friend may be moved to speak, perhaps on a religious subject, perhaps about a moving experience he or she may have had.

Some Quakers came to Nova Scotia in 1761 from Nantucket in Massachusetts. and another group arrived in 1785 in Dartmouth, and established a whaling industry. But due to conflicts with the British government, most left in 1792. It was not until 1964 that another Quaker Meeting in Nova Scotia was established. Quakers came from other parts of Canada, the United States, and England. In the 1970s, the Halifax Meeting was considerably strengthened by war resisters opposing the war in Viet Nam who left the United States. Halifax Friends celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2014. Our current Meeting includes the main worship group meeting at the Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, plus a worship group on the South Shore, and one in Antigonish.
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