Prayers and Fellowship

In Malawiby


Chikwawa/ Group Village Headman Bello

Reuben Lizi (Malawi Red Cross Chikwawa) / [email protected]

Executive Director and members of the Lowershire Interfaith Assembly(LSIA)of Southern Malawi in Chikwawa district,are very happy to report that on Monday 6th February, 2017 organised Prayers and Fellowship as an initiative in the Harmony Week activities.We targetted youths drawn from 3 communities around Group Village Headman Bello viz; Chadula, Ntwana and Bello. In attendance was Group Village Headman Bello, Village Headman Ntwana and the National Coordinator of the URI Malawi Father John Ng'oma.48 Youths (15 Girls and 33 Boys)turned up for the special event of which for the first time,Youths from the Muslim commuties, Christians and Gule Wamkulu cult came together in peace to give praise and thanks to God the Almighty for His grace this year in protecting and sparing Bello community from floods and drought.The programme schedule,which had run for almost 3 hours,had allowed participants in the first phase to sing and dance in praise of the Lord Almighty and to listen to a preaching which Pastor Brahim of the Baptist Church conducted.The second and final phase of the interactive programme,had brought a discussion on Disaster Management focussing on the roles taken by the youths during last year's devastating floods.I tell you,we were very encouraged to hear that the youths were very active last year during floods, in their various youth clubs in the mentioned communities i. e.worked with Village Committees,organisations,Developmental Partners,in rescueing people/animals,Distribution of relief items,Data collection etc.This year their major activity has been planting of trees of which each club was given a target of 100 trees and the challenges towards achieving this goal, have been accessibility of the polythene pots and the tree species suitable in the area for nursery development plus capacity building in Leadership Skills and tree management.All the speekers during the meeting expressed happiness and gratitude to the Lower Shire InterfaithAssembly for its efforts in organising the meeting.Speaking on behalf of all the youths present at the meeting,Geoffrey Kaitano urged LSIA to organise more interactive meetings with the youths in future and to consider organising a Skills Training that can empoer the youths in the area to effectively tackle issues of Climate Change so that effects of floods could be reduced.Group Village Headman Bello on his part,echoed calls made by Kaitano and stressed the need for LSIA as an organisation to take responsibility and example in finding polythene pots for tree nurseries in his community.Speeking on behalf of URI Malawi;Fr John Ng'oma said was very happy for URI to be in that community particularly at that special time when peace was being observed world wide in the URI Harmony Week.He also informed the audience and asked them to understand very clearly that URI was not a Donor Agency but rather a Linking organisation whereby issues were discussed at community level and where necessary were linked to other organisations for help.He ended up by thanking LSIA for organising a good meeting and had encouraged members to continue the good work.The meeting ended up at 17:00 hrs with a prayer by Pastor Brahim followed by Drinks/Snacks which LSIA served to all participants.

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