Peace Through Sports in Cameroon-ACWAY

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The World Interfaith Harmony Week coincides with the Cameroon National Youth Week. This makes it the right moment to promote religious co-existence and harmony in Cameroon. Our team is planning two days activities leads by Clement AWANFE NGUETO, a fellow participant from ACWAY (A Common Word Among the Youth) in Rabat, Morocco on December 11-16, 2015. Our activities will focus on the religious dialogue with different religious leaders, government officials and youth in Santchou - Cameroon, A football match as a tool to bring the youth together by sharing peace values to different religious groups and cultural exchange. An interfaith dialogue that gives voices to all and listens to everyone while experiencing that an “enemy” is one whose story we have not heard.

From 8:30am until 4:10pm

At Government Bilingual Primary School of Santchou

Council of Santchou, Cameroon

Global Compassion / +237 670193939

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