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The World Interfaith Harmony Week coincides with the Cameroon National Youth Week. This makes it the right moment to promote religious co-existence and harmony in Cameroon. Our team is planning two days activities leads by Clement AWANFE NGUETO, a fellow participant from ACWAY (A Common Word Among the Youth) in Rabat, Morocco on December 11-16, 2015. Our activities will focus on the religious dialogue with different religious leaders, government officials and youth in Santchou - Cameroon, A football match as a tool to bring the youth together by sharing peace values to different religious groups and cultural exchange. An interfaith dialogue that gives voices to all and listens to everyone while experiencing that an “enemy” is one whose story we have not heard.

From 8:30am until 4:10pm

At Government Bilingual Primary School of Santchou

Council of Santchou, Cameroon

Global Compassion / +237 670193939

Aim: Promoting religious dialogue and harmony as well as sustainable peace in Cameroon. Activities: Religious dialogue to listen to everyone by considering our diversity and create harmony through youth participation and sport for peace. Day I: February 04, 2016 (Morning activities) 1- Opening ceremony by Global Compassion leader : 08:30 am-08:40 am Welcome speech and presentation of the ACWAY initiative, WIHW and Dialogue overview 2- Presentation of National Youth Week: 08:40 am-08:50 am Speech of the Sub-divisional Officer of Santchou 3- Presentation of the panel and dialogue session: 08:50 am-09:30 am Promoting diversity, tolerance, harmony and love as peace values 4- Short break with inter-action: 09:30 am-09:45 am A refreshment break with inter-action of participants with the panel 5- Football match by youth: 09:45 am-10:35 am Using sport as a tool to bring people together from different faiths and beliefs 6- Closing ceremony: 10:35 am-10:45 am Family picture and planning the next meeting Day II: February 05, 2016 (Evening Activities) 1- Evening Actitivity after muslims prayers 03:00 pm -04:00 pm Meeting the Muslim community of Santchou and exchange cultures 2- End of the visit: 04:00 pm -04:10 pm Report of the activities Objectives: o Building sustainable peace among youth in order to avoid radicalization and terrorism in Cameroon o Using sport and youth participation to create sustainable harmony among believers from different religions and cultures o Using interfaith dialogue to listen to everyone, dignify all, build sustained relationships, create community, and transcend social and economic desperation as expressed by Boko Haram and others. Expected outcomes: o Advocating international interfaith aid for community development o Building bridges among different religions with youth participation in Cameroon o Creating a library in the community to share inter-religions values and knowledges

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