Peace Through Sports in Cameroon-ACWAY (1454597845)

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Location: Santchou, West Region of Cameroon An interfaith dialogue that gives voices to all and listens to everyone while experiencing that an “enemy” is one whose story we have not heard. Aim: Promoting religious dialogue and harmony as well as sustainable peace in Cameroon. Activities: Religious dialogue to listen to everyone by considering our diversity and create harmony through youth participation and sport for peace. Day I: February 04, 2016 (Morning activities) 1- Opening ceremony by Global Compassion leader : 08:30 am-08:40 am Welcome speech and presentation of the ACWAY initiative, WIHW and Dialogue overview 2- Presentation of National Youth Week: 08:40 am-08:50 am Speech of the Sub-divisional Officer of Santchou 3- Presentation of the panel and dialogue session: 08:50 am-09:30 am Promoting diversity, tolerance, harmony and love as peace values 4- Short break with inter-action: 09:30 am-09:45 am A refreshment break with inter-action of participants with the panel 5- Football match by youth: 09:45 am-10:35 am Using sport as a tool to bring people together from different faiths and beliefs 6- Closing ceremony: 10:35 am-10:45 am Family picture and planning the next meeting Day II: February 05, 2016 (Evening Activities) 1- Evening Actitivity after muslims prayers 03:00 pm -04:00 pm Meeting the Muslim community of Santchou and exchange cultures 2- End of the visit: 04:00 pm -04:10 pm Report of the activities Objectives: o Building sustainable peace among youth in order to avoid radicalization and terrorism in Cameroon o Using sport and youth participation to create sustainable harmony among believers from different religions and cultures o Using interfaith dialogue to listen to everyone, dignify all, build sustained relationships, create community, and transcend social and economic desperation as expressed by Boko Haram and others. Expected outcomes: o Advocating international interfaith aid for community development o Building bridges among different religions with youth participation in Cameroon o Creating a library in the community to share inter-religions values and knowledges


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