Peace Lunch

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Peace Lunch for 20 teachers of the Cornelius Law College Sargodha. These will be Christian, Muslim and Sikh teachers. In two visits, the principal was convinced of concept of Interfaith Harmony. He being aware for the need of peace and unity, agreed to conduct a session on Interfaith Harmony for his teachers to develop the notion of this event. After the session lunch will be offered and open discussion will go on during the lunch and Q & A will be taken care at this time. We envision to create awareness on concepts of Peace and Harmony. In the environment of terrorism, certainly Pakistan is in great need of Peace. More and more personalities especially the teachers can play a vital role in molding attitude of the students towards peace, acceptance, tolerance and respect of others.So that listening and giving space to others for expressing themselves from their own perspective. Giving space to others will create respect and tolerance in the society. Our aim is to motivate teachers and through them promote peace in the society.

Sargodha Punjab Pakistan

Ezaz-e-Niswan Development Organization / -3215934

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