Paradura del Niño Jesús

In Venezuela by


Lagunillas - Mérida

CC Quinaroes / [email protected]

In these Andean lands, they usually celebrate until the first week of February what we call the parade of the child Jesus. It is a style to invite friends, neighbors, children, adults and everyone known to share a moment of music, prayer and petitions, the image of the child Jesus is taken, although the children also dress and simulate all the family of Jusus of Nazareth. Here the interaction with indigenous and Catholic people is mixed. From the sharing of food we have learned that we are happier in giving than in receiving, we are also accompanied by people who do not feel attracted according to them by any of the religions but that the goodness of heart speaks with the actions they have towards the rest of The humanity. Well this is how this week is so important because one of the important cycles is closed as is the birth of the Child God, that being that in a moment wanted us to unite with his actions and from the Love, seeing the kindness of the people. What leaves us to reflect that we must follow his example, see through the eyes of Love, share and continue working, despite the difficult moments we only have peace and harmony if we continue to plant good, doing the job of being better first we to share the well-being with our fellowmen. That through communication and sharing we achieved more than we could think.

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