Pagan Presence Committee: Ritual Celebration of Imbolc

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From 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm

At Universalist Unitarian Church, 5500 Inglis Street

5500 Inglis St 5500 Inglis St, Halifax, NS

Interfaith Halifax

Guide for Guests: The Druid Grove of Nova Scotia will preside over Imbolc, the Celtic Celebration of Brige, the Triple Goddess, at ewing time – the first sign of oncoming Spring. At 7 p.m. there will be a welcome, introduction to our community and instructions regarding the ritual, followed directly by our celebration of Imbolc. Some chairs will be provided for those who cannot stand during ritual. There will be displays representing many of the traditions and a brief introduction before the ritual. Our community will wear festive and comfortable clothing and this can be as varied as our people. Please dress as you feel is appropriate. Please note that we do not allow any form of recording during ritual. Snacks and chat with the community will follow.

The Halifax Pagan Community at the Yule Celebration

Our History: Pagan Presence Committee was created by Earth Spirit Society of Nova Scotia (ESSNS) in January 2008 to apply for participation in World Religion Day. It was created as on open committee: we accepted anyone who wanted to participate, not only members of ESSNS (pronounced ‘essence’). From its original inception our purpose has expanded to include Pagan participation in all multifaith events as well as educational presentations. Our involvement includes: World Religion Day, Festival of Lights, World Interfaith Harmony Week, Pride, King’s County Historical Society, and events of ecological support. Earth Spirit Society began in 2006 as a means of supporting Pagan involvement. It was organized as a roundtable; all had a voice; the only fees were time and energy. We registered under the Societies Act in 2009 with bylaws consistent with our original purpose, leaving the roundtable intact. Our community has many roots with as many histories. Other organizations have preceded us and before them we were stigmatized and secretive. Paganism is an umbrella term and includes Druids, Eclectics, Heathens, Wiccans, Witches, and many others and like other religions; we have varieties of each. Our traditions come from varied sources such as Greek, Celtic, Egyptian, or Norse. Many follow The Wiccan Rede, an ethical principle, the short version being “An it harm none, do what thou will.” Respect and reverence for nature is very common. Pagans may be pantheists, dualists, or other. Many are solitaries. Between one and two percent of those you see and know are from our community. Today, Earth Spirit Society is composed of individuals from multiple Pagan spiritual paths. We provide public rituals such as Imbolc, Yule, and Beltaine and support for Pagans, as well as hosting social events and interfacing with the media. We gather for our mutual growth in the upward spiral that is Life.

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