Neighbors in Harmony

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From 8:00 am until 11:00 am

Camilla Drive, Southcom Village, Zamboanga City

Filipino-Turkish Tolerance School

For this day’s activity, one of the events was the community visit to Southcom Village where Christian and Muslim family live in one area together. Ms. Michelle Mangrubang, the formation organizer for the activity that day reached out families that have illnesses and underlying conditions. She teamed up with some of her friends who go to Acupuncture sessions at Harmony Village and made up a simple gathering with the families to share some amazing stories and the wonders of acupuncture. They also shared the significance of World Interfaith Harmony Week The families also made queries to the speaker in which results were satisfactory. In the end of the activity they were enlightened and interested to extend the knowledge to the other neighboring friends to attend to an acupuncture sessions.

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