Muslims women Donate plastic chairs and shared 50 Bible to church (7441)

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muslims woman donate plastics chairs to church so as to strenthening peaceful co-existance between muslims and christians in Nigeria

From 12:30am until 2:00am

At Christ evengelical intercessary fellowship ministry sabon Tasha kaduna south

No 22 Gwagi villa,sabon tasha kaduna south

peace revival and reconciliation foundation of Nigeria / +2348036053414

Actually i organised 3 event to mark the interfaith week this year unlike the previous years, Normally every year i do usually takes peace and unity campaign to church,to interact with other church members to promote religious tolerance, Indeed last year interfait, i donated 50 bible to church to spread the message of religious tolerance and better understanding ,but this year i decided to take some chairs to the church and still donate bible to church members,so as to learnt how to tolerate one another religious secondly,i toke interfaith campaign to some selected schools in Northern Nigerian,so as to enlighten student importance of tolerating one another irrespective of religious difference Thirdly,i took interfaith environmental campaign to some selected communities,so as to educated ghetto people on the importance of cleaning their enviroment and cleaning places of worship,cause clealiness is next to goldiness I will attach some report of the series of event i organise both this year and last year 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6-- There are many pictures

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