Music and Religion. The parable of different languages of love (3085)

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Our event is addressed to the youth and children from the local high school and primary school. We are eager to represent in front of youth and children our diverse cultural backgrounds and religions. We see our diversity not as a reason to fear each other, but rather, an opportunity to learn from each other. We would like to showcase the beauty of our traditions, what unites us, as well as what differentiate us. We also want to point out that differences are not a reason to fight with one another or dominate each other, but an opportunity to gain a mutual understanding through respectful interactions. We believe that harmony is ultimately an expression of unity while preserving diverse identities. Love is the only force that can create such harmony and could bring up the light of hope, a light that is desperately needed in our currently disturbed world. We truly believe that Love of God, Love of the Good, and Love of the Neighbor will set us free from the darkness of our own fears, as fear always ends up in anger, fights, conflicts, walls and wars. Love allows for communities to build bridges and destroy walls. We would like to encourage participants of our event to experience the creation of an unique orchestra, and see it as a metaphor of a diverse human family. Through our short introductions we want to portray a sense of diversity and beauty, and to capture a deeper meaning of interfaith dialogue and harmony. We hope that our event will put a mark in children’s and youth’s souls so that later on it will transform into greater respect and understanding, especially towards others

From 11:30am until 3:00pm

At ALA local high school

ul. Robotnicza 36/38 Wrocław

School of rhythms and international friends / +48792478533

What will happen: Musical part • School of rhythms Drums Orchestra performance • creating Boomwhackers Orchestra with youth and children • and our international friends solo performances: Maria from Equador Christian prayer song Ismail from Marocco Gulshan from Azerbaigan Kmar from Tunesia Muslim prayer song Gulshan from Azerbaigan - Mather nature song Mradul from India Piotr form Poland tablas&congas drums language Short Lectures part - building bridges, not walls: • Finding similarities between Christianity, Islam and non-believers • Reading the Bible, Koran and Beauty of Nature • Lent – Ramadan – Fast Islamic, Christianity and secular traditions • The universal rhythm : Love of God, Love of the Good, and Love of the Neighbor Question and answer session with the youth and children.

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