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The Asia foundation collaborated with Aliansi Bhinneka Tunggal Ika

The Asia foundation collaborated with Aliansi Bhinneka Tunggal Ika celebrated World Interfaith Harmony Week on Car-Free Day (a Government weekly event in Jakarta). This celebrations was done in the form of morning exercises together with traditional well-known Indonesian dances like “Tor-Tor”, “Ja’I”, and “Gemu FaMiRe”. Besides these, the celebrations was also filled with photo booths on themes of Tolerance and Harmony between religious faiths - part also of a social media campaign. The theme of this Program was to emphasize living together in harmony. It invited the people of Jakarta of all faiths to build a life of peace and tolerance, as well as increasing understanding and cooperation amongst them, remembering that Jakarta is a miniature form of the whole variety of Indonesia in its culture, ethnicity and religions. Through the unity of people having different social, ethnic and religious backgrounds, it is hoped to be able to create better relationships and more open attitudes and trust amongst all. This activity will be carried out once a month, as an effort to continue to build a Jakarta free from violence, discrimination and intolerance.

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