Massive Good 17th (48)

In Canada by


Muslims gifting non-Muslims, the 17th of EVERY month, to build bridges of friendship!

From 12:00am until 11:30pm

At Worldwide - decentralized.

Armies Of Love / 416-708-4344

Watch video: Terror attacks by extremists have cornered the entire Muslim community in the West. But there IS a way Muslims can turn the tables on terrorists! You see, terrorists aim to SHOCK the western public with their criminal acts. But if terrorists can try to wield “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, peaceful Muslims too can use coordinated “Acts of Mass Goodness” to pleasantly shock their non-Muslim neighbours, co-workers and friends! Once we Muslims have rebuilt our reputation in Western society through GIFTING non-Muslims, terrorists will stop carrying out their attacks as they would know they cannot fool people in the West - provoking them against peaceful Muslims and vice versa. So, we are declaring the 17th of EVERY month - including February 17th 2017 – as “Massive Good 17th” where Muslims surprise non-Muslims with gifts that will pleasantly shock them. You can even present gift cards if you like. This event, as we said, will be EVERY month – February 17th, March 17th, April 17th and so on forever. To participate in this campaign on the 17th of each month, you need to take a picture of you with your gifts for non-Muslims and post it on social media with the hashtag: #MassiveGood17th. Muslims in Islamic countries are also requested to gift non-Muslims on "Massive Good 17th", every month, to make them feel welcome in our countries. Muslims can act as the linchpin for creating a society based entirely on Gifting, just like in a family no one charges eachother money! A Gift Economy!! (Open Source software development is an example of the Gift Economy at work)!

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