Management contest on topic “Religious Harmony for the progress of the Nation”

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Aruna Manharlal Shah Institute of Management & Research

A management Presentation Competition was organized for our students on the topic – “Religious Harmony: A Tool for the Progress of Nations”. Five of the students namely; Drishti Tank, Gaurav Boricha, Navin Kesharwani, Pooja Mahadik and Rohit Palwankar made excellent presentations with their ideas and style. The performances were judged by Dr. Ram Puniyani (The chief guest at the occasion)) and Mr. Manish Tripathi. The Winners were: Pooja Mahadik, Drishti Tank and Navin Kesharwani in an ascending order. Later, the Chief Guest enthralled the audience his knowledge in History and clarified number of wrong notions. He was a History book himself. Dr. Ram Puniyani requested everyone to remove religious bias from there mind and to live together in harmony.

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