#LoveThyNeighbor campaign

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Calling on people to stand against hatred, xenophobia and prejudice and to commit acts of kindness and service.

Our Three Winners foundation and #LoveArmy

The initiative is asking people to perform an act of kindness, service or solidarity for a neighbor or fellow community member this week — dropping off a gift, volunteering time, printing a sign and putting it in a window, etc. — and to share the experience on social media with the hashtags #LoveThyNeighbor, #LoveArmy, and #OurThreeWinners.

In addition, imams, priests, rabbis and other faith-based community leaders will hold prayer services this weekend remembering the murdered students and supporting the "Love Thy Neighbor" campaign and everyone who's been affected by hate.

The effort comes amid a spike in hate-related incidents following the election of President Donald Trump, who made derogatory comments about vulnerable groups before and during the campaign. The Southern Poverty Law Center's tally of post-election hate incidents found that anti-immigrant encounters were the most frequently reported type. It also documented numerous anti-Muslim incidents.

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