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In today' s world, we are constantly exposed to many forms of violence even those which victimized the lives of our children. These various issues of violence are fast becoming headline news and has surfaced as a common problem in society. It seems that the world of today is no longer a conducive place to raising a child physically, mentally and emotionally. The world as we know, it has transformed into a perlious place for children. Parents who are at the forefront and at the gateway to a child's education are often exhausted in search of effective method of parenting. Consequently, it is common that parents seek the best education available and expect their children to be raised and become characters with high morals and strong values. And the foundation of any form of education can only start from homes and within families where parents are active participants. Ironically, most parents are neither prepared nor equipped to carry out the process of parenting. Meanwhile from the perspective of values education, “values are not taught but caught". In this case, children characters are direct by products of relationships carried between child and its parents and surrounding. In the context of child rearing in Indonesia, religious studies are often used as a primary reference to an end by many parents. Somehow, since Indonesia is a pluralistic nation, the role of parents become extremely important in imposing universal values and inclusive to diversity of culture in Indonesia. Religious differences have lately become the source of violence in the country. Religious studies should lead children to act by example and build a sense of 22 comradery based on three key humanitarian values which are Respect, Love and Peace. Through these three values, The Asia Foundation, Yayasan Indonesia Bahagia in cooperation with Association for Living Values Education (ALIVE) Indonesia participated in the commemoration of World Interfaith Harmony Week by organizing a series of workshop of Living Values Education for Parents. The workshop which took on the theme of "Living Values Education For Developing Values to Make a Better World", conducted by Dr Budhy Munawar Rachman , Dra. Rani Anggraeni Dewi MA, Rifah Zainani and Mochammad Ziaulhaq, on February 23, March 1 to 2 2016 for 30 participants. The objective of the workshop is to provide a perspective of the importance of values awareness and equip participants skills for nurturing their children with values-based parenting. The workshop is based on experiential learning and filled with dynamic activities and joyful.

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