Keychains for All

In Philippines by


From 9:00am until 11:30pm

At Manila-Olongapo-Baguio-Manila

Manila, Philippines

Ahmed/Abdar-Rahman Foundation, Inc. / 00639985770263

Salam Alaikum To All, First of all we will be with our foreign classmates from Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Timor Leste and we filipinos in Master's in Social Services and Development .I believed that by way of introducing the art of making keychains will open up feelings of unity in each other. I used Keychains making developing arts in self and unity in hearts, no religion involved. Secondly, will go early morning of Sunday (January 31, 2016) in Olongapo where so much people of different faith are visiting the place. Making friends to them through our Keychains selling and teachings will envelope them with curiousity and harmonious relationships. After which will move to another place as i will take pics of each places will work with. Third, we move to Baguio, where so much people of different faith. By just meeting them with our tools in Free Keychain making and selling at the same time will make it possible for each and everyone to listen and work on something that can unifies us as well as can augment their financial constraints. People are not much interested in just having Interfaith Dialogue, people in the grassroots will appreciate it more if they will learn something and that am going to do and at the same time injecting in their mind that all of us can live and can have a harmonious and peaceful life through ways that we can be all happy and earn as well. I thought of working on this strategy since will be with us a 3 year old baby girl who is suffering from Brain Cancer together with her 5 year old brother, their 28 year old mom and 3 more adults including me. I believe that Interfaith Dialogue is not just confined in one area of activities. Having time to explore all over the place where most faiths are and modelling something that is shared to them to understand the meaning of true unity in humane ways on how compassion, love and peace is very important in our wonderful world were living in. Will post pics of all our tour, Inshallah.

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