Interreligious Encounter in Homage to the indigenous leader Pedro Moreira (9300)

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Interreligious Encounter in Homage to the indigenous leader Pedro Moreira

From 12:00pm until 7:00pm

At San Miguel

provincia de Buenos

CC Of the Indigenous Peoples of Argentina / 584141242542

We celebrate the interreligious and intercultural diversity of Indigenous Peoples in the World Week of Interconfessional Harmony (Resolution 65/5 UN). On Saturday, February 3, from noon to 7 pm in the afternoon, we met different representatives of Indigenous organizations, leaders and leaders of the Kolla, Diaguita, Aymaras, Guaranies and neighbors of the Intihuasy Library, people of religion Christian (Catholics and Evangelists). This meeting counted with approximately 15 indigenous and non-indigenous people of religions (catholics and Evangelical Baptists) and indigenous traditions (Diaguita, Kolla, Aymara and Guarani). The meeting was held at the Intihuasy Library of San Miguel, province of Buenos Aires (31 km from the City of Buenos Aires). We chose this place as a tribute to the recently tragically deceased indigenous leader Pedro Moreira. Pedro of 80 years, leader Kolla, recognized by indigenous and non-indigenous, founder of the Intihuasy Library, declared \\\"Illustrious Citizen\\\" of the municipality of San Miguel, worked promoting dialogue between Indigenous and non-indigenous, collaborated with ENDEPA, Christian Institution that helps to the Indigenous Peoples in Argentina. We began the meeting with a healing of the place (clean with incense-Indigenous tradition), then the older ones started the meeting with reflections and expressing themselves in their own beliefs and religions.

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