Interreligious Encounter for Harmony (218)

In Ecuador by


Interreligious Encounter for Harmony

From 2:30pm until 5:30pm

At La Merced


Spiritual Forum of Santiago for Peace CC / 584141242542

On Saturday, February 10 at the initiative of Pastor Victor Rey, member of the Spiritual CC Forum of Santiago for Peace and who is currently in the process of creating the URI Circle in Quito-Ecuador, he led an Interreligious Meeting for Harmony, in which 20 people participated in the New Life Camp in La Merced, Quito. The people who participated in that meeting came from different strands of Christianity, the Bahá\\\'í Faith, the Muslim and the Quichua people. In the meeting, the central theme was about the life in harmony of the different confessions and spiritual traditions, songs, meals, games and laughter were shared. The experience was very rich and expectations were generated to get back together regularly and the Nueva Vida Foundation, which is very central in the city of Quito, was chosen as a place for future meetings. We appreciate the materials sent to us by the Regional Coordination Office of URI AL & C and the motivating emails to promote this activity. Attached photos of the meeting. With a harmonious and peaceful hug. Víctor Rey

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