international seminar on literature harmony-sanskrit literature harmony with other literature

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international seminar on language harmony-sanskrit literature harmony with other literature,sanskrit literature described in gujarati,english,vedic science, mathematics-aarybhatt,economics-kautilya,chanakya,socilogy-ramayan,management-bhagavadgita,astrology, aaurveda, enviorenment,agriculture, nechropathy

From 8-00 a.m. until 18-00 p.m.

At shri p.k. chaudhari mahila arts college

near s.t. depot. sector-7, gandhinagar-382007, gujarat, india

shri p.k. chaudhari mahila arts college, sector-7, gandhinagar-382007,gujarat-india / 9712547126

international seminar on sanskrit literature harmony with other literature.
DATE-06 february 2016 LAST DATE FOR PAPER SUBMISSION-31-12-2015 by email only
no fee for registration,[email protected] selected papers will take place in ISBN book.subjects-harmony sanskrit literature with morden aspect like in morden life, astrology, peace of mind, space science, nasa, environment, geogrophy, aaurveda, sociology, vedic mathematics, world literature, agriculture, animal husbandary, medicine,engineering, economics, science, commerce, nechropathy.sent papers in new times roman-14font. give details name title of the paper,home address, institute name and address, designation, email, mobile number,

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