Interfaith Walk

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Interfaith Walk

From 8:00am until 5:00pm

7th Goodmayes Al Noor Scouts

INTER FAITH SPONSORED WALK 2016 March 5 Assalamu alaikum We write with details of our Annual Sponsored Interfaith Walk 2016 for all sections. In order to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, this year we are undertaking a very special route which will include visiting not only mosques in Redbridge but also other places of worship as well such as Synagogues and Churches. The route will cover 12-15 miles?, our Girl Explorers will be setting quizzes and challenges along the way for the young Cubs and Beavers?. O ur Boy Explorer Section will also be following a cycling route visiting Mosques across Central London. Our fundraising target this year is £5000! The Cause & Just Giving Page?? ? ? For the first time ever, we will be collecting funds for our own Scout Group – 7th Goodmayes Scouts. From its inception, 10 years ago the Group has grown to become one of the largest Muslim Scout Groups in the country. As we look forward to developing further, we urgently need funds to buy resources to take us into the next decade. We aim to deliver more diverse and challenging activities for our Scouts over the coming years. We are in need of camping equipment including tents and marquees, catering equipment as well as other essential scouting equipment such as climbing ropes, compasses, maps. We hope to open up the opportunities for more outdoor experiences for our children so that they gain confidence, interact with other groups and reach their full potential. This year our Explorer Section are ?hoping to? organise? their first international camp! We ask you all to make dua that the Group continues to flourish and benefit the community. Please support us generously. Use the Sponsorship Form to collect sponsorship donations from your friends, neighbours & relatives. You can bring the money on the day of the Walk or pay using the Just giving link below: Please help our children and Scouts of the future by circulating the Just Giving link through your contact networks.

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