Interfaith through Cross Cultural – Interfaith Harmony week (2325)

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Dialogue across religious and cultural traditions is a core value of the AWARE Center. The aim of AWARE Center is to foster ties of friendship and mutual understanding between people of different faith and cultures. In order to commemorate and celebrate the Interfaith World Harmony Week, the AWARE Center will be hosting a variety of lectures and cultural activities for the purpose of promoting interfaith dialogue and building a bridge friendship and better understanding between different faiths and religions.

At AWARE Center, Grand Mosque, Adulaziz Hussain Theater


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The goal of our interfaith activities is to allow people from different faiths to learn from one another. The various religious traditions provide evidence for how spiritual practices provide relief and motivate compassionate action. The endeavor results of the Interfaith Harmony week activities is to encourage people of faith to explore together how their practices empower, individually and together, to transform this world toward a world of harmony and understanding. Program schedule: 1- Opening ceremony and lecture “Importance of Interfaith Harmony Week initiative” February 1. 2- Public Lecture “Abraham: Father of Prophets” February 2. 3- Interfaith Breakfast February 3. 4- Tour “Walk for Peace” February 4. 5- Interfaith Coffee Afternoon February 5. 6- Public Lecture “Expressing Our Faith through Dialogue” February 5. 7- Movie Night “Cross Roads” followed by discussions under the theme “Sharing something significant from our faith” February 6. 8- Interfaith dinner – Cultural Night followed by closing ceremony February 7.

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