Interfaith Peace and Harmony Week (6999)

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Our Interfaith Peace and Harmony Week has been organized in response to a shared desire to continue the enriching interfaith and peace momentum that was experienced during nine consecutive evenings in September 2017 (ending with the U.N International Day of Peace.) For this winter endeavor of seven consecutive evenings, each evening will feature a brief 45-minute program presented by a different faith or spiritual group represented in our small community. We will gather together to learn about and appreciate the diverse ways that our community members of different traditions express a common yearning for peace through prayers/devotions, meditation/silence, song or chanting, dancing or movement, food and fragrances. Each program concludes with an invitation to participants to post a note on a bulletin board with a small pledge, if so inspired, for building peace through renewed compassion and/or with a collaborative act of service for the welfare of others -- because peaceful communities must be built, and maintained, through our concern for and relationships with others.

From 4:30pm until 5:15pm

At Main Street, Weaverville, CA, USA

A small local group of peace and unity-minded individuals.

The seven evening programs include: Qigong practice; Buddhist meditation; Trinity family sing-along traditions; Latter-day Saints family night; Sikh worship of Creator through song, plus meal; Catholic songs of worship; and a guided meditation. Programs are deliberately short for the purpose of briefly refreshing our spirits in the transition period between busy day lives and busy home lives. We will gather at the centrally located Parish Hall of the Trinity Congregational Church. The programs are free, with donations toward the use of the hall greatly appreciated. All are welcome to attend as little or as often as you are able.

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