Interfaith Lord’s Prayer Experience

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From 10.30 am until 12.00 pm

At Common Street Spiritual Center

13 Common St, Natick, Massachusetts 01760

Common Street Spiritual Center / [email protected]

The Lord's Prayer Experience: 
An Interfaith Journey by way of Song and Spirit

Join us for a “Musical Sermon” of The Lord’s Prayer Experience!

"The Lord's Prayer Experience" is the creation of Yosef Kottler, a composer of Jewish liturgical music and the founder of Hebrew Chant Boston. Upon learning of the existence of the Lord's Prayer in the original Hebrew Gospel of Matthew, Yosef became inspired to compose a modern musical interpretation of the Lord's Prayer. He has drawn upon the deep meaning of the Hebrew text in a Jewish understanding, and has attempted to make this sacred text relevant to today's world and to people of all faiths.

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