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From 12:00am until 11:30pm

At Nationwide (Luzon and Northern Part of the Philippines)

71 - F Xavier Street, Greenhills San Juan Metro Manila Philippines

WESCOSY Community, Inc. / 0063 - 9985770263

SALAM ALAIKUM WA RAMATULLAHI WA BARAKATUH WESCOSY Community, Inc. is an Interfaith Community Development based Non Government Organization advocating WE-Women Empowerment, SC-Senior Citizen and OSY- Out of School Youth. We believed that Interfaith Harmony Week is not only celebrated every year instead we consider it as a LIFESTYLE. Because interfaith relationship, is like breath, it's your lifeline, without it, you're gone. So, since the start of our NGO we believe that having interaction with people regardless of their age, religion, gender, culture and nation is one of the way to develop a kind of commonality that each and every one treat's each other compassionately with wisdom. We believed that relationship matters because it connects life to consciousness, which unites the each and every one of us. We believe that Interfaith relationship, matters most. Understanding each other compassionately with wisdom, can lead to a harmonious relationship with the people. We would like to present that understanding other religion, beliefs and values in life is as important as learning how to read or write. Because it's part of us, we won't be able to live in this world alone, acceptance is also one of the key to unlock our hearts to accept the things that happened. That is why, we were able to develop a kind of commonality and all of us are concerned with our health, so we have come up with a healthy herbal Soya Pastillas and three other products so that people of ages, religion, gender, culture, nation, United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals are all enjoin in our 4 develop products. Our first product is our Herbal Soya Pastillas we have come up with 7 different kind of flavors that is patterned along with our rainbow color, from the name itself its one of the delicacies that is worth buying for. Since most of us, has sweet tooth and other's would love to see very enticing packages that is why, we have decided to have it color coded. These are the color codes of our Herbal Soya Pastillas: Red for Guava Orange for Turmeric Yellow for Peanut Green for Moringga Blue for Guyabano Indigo for Soya Milk (Natural Flavor) Violet for Sweet Potato Our second product would be our Cat's and Tiger's Eye Therapeutic bracelet, we have tiger's eye: Treats eyes, throat and reproductive organs. Also, our Cat's Eye, it can treat eye disorders and improves night vision. Third product would be our Black Salt/Himalayan Salt from Pakistan key benefits are Increases hydration, Aid in proper metabolism functioning, prevent goiters, so on and so forth. Fourth product our Fashion Design, we design our own clothes, bag and even create the Jewelries we want to wear. That's for small beads, crystals etc. With these products, we can also share it as part of our livelihood program for our constituents. Since Interfaith relationship, matters most. In order for us to understand other people religion and beliefs we even attended classes from Ocean Sky, that's one way of making us understand and appreciate how Interfaith Relationship can be a foundation of being compassionate with wisdom. In addition to that, we also embrace a treatment that is related to interfaith relationship for one of our patient with brain cancer Xena Amaya 4 years old, as part of her healing process we believe that nature will do it's wonderful works with her, we have decided to travel with her on a nature road trip from Luzon up to Northern Provinces of the Philippines. We were able to meet locals, to understand their beliefs and cultures. Also their ways, of curing the sick. As being part of that journey, we were able to understand how interfaith relationship really works, it may unite the people regardless of their age, religion, gender and nation. As for our event for the Harmony Week and Interfaith Relationship events, we have a timeline that started June 8, 2016 up to present. That's how we value Interfaith relationship, it's a lifestyle and it's part of our life because we can share ways as to how it can be implemented on a daily basis. We have a power point presentation complete with pictures, please let us know as to why we can attached it or as to how we can send it. Thank you so much. Best Regards from WESCOSY Community, Inc., Anna Marcelita Dela Cruz Shakil/Mary Angelyn D. Dela Cruz

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