“Interfaith harmony would change the world by…”

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Interfaith harmony would change the world by…” ex. ending religiously motivated violence.

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Euphrates Institute / [email protected]

Commemorating the first week in February was adopted by the United Nations in 2010 in recognition that “mutual understanding and interreligious dialogue constitute important dimensions of a culture of peace.”

The Euphrates Institute, headquartered in Redding CA, suggests several simple ways to participate in your community:

  • Snap a picture and tell about your activity by posting it on social media with the hashtag #WIHWEuphrates or sending it to [email protected]
  • Visit a place of worship in your community – attend a service or take a tour of a local mosque, synagogue, or church
  • Volunteer with people of other faith traditions – feed the homeless or organize a community clean up at a nearby park together
  • Host an interfaith potluck gathering – invite new and old friends to bring a favorite dish and a quote from a sacred text to share
  • Do an art project with kids – talk about interfaith harmony with children and ask them to draw or create something that shows what it means to them
  • Watch and discuss an interfaith film – a few suggestions include Dancing in JaffaDisturbing the Peace, and Fambul Tok
  • Participate in an interfaith dialogue – connect with other groups in your area and attend an upcoming event

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