Interfaith Harmony Week Speakers’ Series

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Charter for Compassion International

Karin is Vice President and General Counsel of a major entertainment industry consortium. Active in the mind, body and spirit communities for over ten years, Miller served as pro bono counsel to Marianne Williamson for the formation of the Peace Alliance and as an Advisory Board Member to the Alliance for a New Humanity, chaired by Deepak Chopra.

Karin founded Our New Evolution (ONE) to connect and empower people and projects that are aligned with Global Values—the heart of Karin’s new book, "Global Values: A New Paradigm for a New World." Read the introduction to Karen's book and visit to learn more.


Please join the Charter for a special weeklong series of presentations during World Interfaith Harmony Week, inspired with the work of Muslim-Christian dialog.

We are exploring the need for developing compassion to understand and benefit from a world that is marked by diversity and pluralism—in life forms, in cultural patterns, in faith pathways, in physical characteristics like skin color and body shapes.

Among the topics we will grapple with in these calls:

  • The value of engaging with the "other"
  • Embracing pluralism: how to celebrate diversity while cultivating culture
  • Responding to fundamentalism: politics and religion
  • When bigotry becomes normalized
  • How to represent a community not our own (For example, Christians confronting Islamophobia, straight people supporting gay, lesbian and transgender communities)
  • While our primary focus will be on topics related to Islamophobia—and we will continue to update our Guide Book (here), we will look for opportunities to make connection with other issues, including racism, Mideast tensions, gender equality and gender identity


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