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According to the 2012 Pew Research Study, religious hostility has reached a six-year high. Over 60 countries worldwide have seen the level of social hostility rise to “high” or “very high” levels.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) wants to be part of the solution. From February 7-9, 2017, in concert with the United Nations World Interfaith and Harmony Week, KPU’s Multi-Faith Centre will host its 3rd Annual World Interfaith Harmony Week Festival at both its Richmond, BC and Surrey, BC campuses.

This year's theme- Stories that Build Bridges - is a call to share experiences or personal narratives on the theme of Interfaith Harmony. Submissions can take the form of poetry, art, music, or other creative expressions. The Multi-faith Centre welcomes submissions on this theme until January 27, 2017.

How to submit:

For electronic submissions, please visit this page

For physical submissions, contact [email protected] to make arrangements.

Our 2016 Interfaith Harmony Week Festival...

More than a dozen multimedia submissions were complemented by a range of programming including a musical performance by the Compassionate Winds’ Susan Katz and Michel Vles; a panel discussion on inner harmony with guest speakers Rev. Gary Roosma (Christian Prayer), Babeeta Chhabra (Yoga and Meditation), Dr. Lorraine Bennington (Mindfulness) and Dr. Marty Shoemaker, Psychologist and Humanist Chaplain, (Science and Inner Harmony); and a talk on Syrian interfaith traditions and contemporary challenges delivered by Rahim Othman of the Syrian Canadian Council of BC.

Additionally, the KPU community was challenged to commit harmonious resolutions, to be completed over the calendar year, honoring the festival theme and engaging in learning about or dialoguing with a person from another faith or belief system. 18 cards were received with pledges such as: Visit a different belief event; honor and pray for religious tolerance; promote social justice at KPU; and research ways for how to use technology to produce more understanding.

The festival concluded with a ceremony in recognition of all who participated.


My experience with the UN Interfaith Harmony Week has been inspiring and splendid. I wish I knew about the Interfaith Harmony Week a couple of years ago so I could have taken part in many events in the community. I was very satisfied with the outcome because I met many individuals with different worldviews than my own. I find that interfaith events give individuals an opportunity to learn and expose themselves to worldviews that are different than their own. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, socialize, build friendships, and network with individuals regardless of gender, age ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. I look forward to attending various interfaith events in the future during Interfaith Harmony Week in the years to come!

  • Parabjot K. Singh

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