Interfaith Harmony Week Event (3433)

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Inter Faith Harmony Week Celebration

From 9:00am until 4:00pm

At Karickam International Public School, and St. Mary's Public School, Mulakuzha, Chenganoor, Kerala

Karickam, Kottarakara, Kollam, Kerala, India & Mulakuzha, Chenganoor, Kerala

Cosmic Community Centre . / ++91 0474 2663903 (M) 94465 93013 / 97467 12009

1st Feb. Inauguration Assembly on theme WIFH at Karickam International Public School (KIPS) at 9.00 am 3rd Feb. State level Inter School Quiz based on Holy Scriptures at KIPS starting at 10.00 am followed by Public Meeting at 2.00 pm. During the meeting awards will be given; honoring twelve selected personalities from different religious faiths for their lifetime achievements on interfaith harmony related contribution to the society. 5th Feb. Special Assembly dedicated on theme - World Inter Faith Harmony at KIPS at 9.00 am 7th Feb. Peace Rally and IFH Week Celebration Closing Ceremony at St. Mary's Public School, Mulakuzha, Chenganoor at 10.00 am.

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