Interfaith Harmony Feast (6092)

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Interfaith feast launching at the same time globally through a Zoom call featuring members of the Charter for Compassion International Global Council: Karen Armstrong, Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell, Iman Mohammed Hagid, Roshi Joan Halifax, Rev. Allan Boesak, etc.

From 6:00am until 10:00pm

At pre-drawn breakfast to evening prayer gathering


Charter for Compassion International / (1) 206-842-9956

The Charter for Compassion International (CCI) is a global communication network that binds together compassionate initiatives in close to 400 cities across 50 countries. Each of these cities has their own on-the-ground organization but relies on CCI to provide various functions, including tools and processes for organizing compassionate communities, education series and interactive dialogue. Therefore, we are proposing a gathering of Charter members from across the globe (including North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia) to come together at 6 am Feb . 1 Pacific time, to an interfaith gathering—a kick-off of feasting and reflecting. We propose a kind of virtual progressive banquet: a dispersed meal during which the Charter will link its participants via a Zoom platform call and provide primary speakers and performances. Local groups will provide the appropriate menu for a pre-dawn breakfast to lunch to dinner to evening dessert. At this gathering they will also launch their own Interfaith Harmony Week where they will promote seven days of kindness, giving and sharing by giving back to their communities. The Charter will collect and organize community documentation of these local efforts and submit an anthology of these projects for consideration to the World Interfaith Harmony Week team.

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