Interfaith celebration of WHIW (2859)

In Pakistan by


A group of 20 Muslim, Christian and Hindu leaders will gather to highlight the importance of WIHW with particular emphasis on how we can promote interfaith harmony and peace in Pakistan at all levels of lives. We will also share the vision of His Highness, King Abdullah II of Jordan in presenting this idea to the entire world and how it was unanimously adopted by the UN.

From 4:00pm until 6:00pm

At Nafees Travel Agency, Empress Road, Lahore, Pakistan

125 B, Pak Arab Housing Scheme, Ferozepur Road, Lahore 54760 Pakistan

United Religions Initiative (URI) Pakistan / +92 300 8730 669

Selected 20 religious leaders, human rights activists and promoters of interreligious dialogue will gather at Nafees Travel Agency in Lahore to observe WIHW, These leaders are Muslims, Christians and Hindus. All of them working for the international organization called United Religions Inititiave (URI) which is also affiliated with the UN. Ms. Monica Willard represents URI at the United Nations. We will share our views on how to promote interfaith dialogue, peace and harmony in Pakistan. There is a grave need to promote this in our country and we will also share some of the international steps which have been taken towards establishing culture of peace, reconciliation and justice in the world.

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