Interfaith Afternoon Tea in the House of Lords (2928)

In United Kingdom by


Afternoon Tea, Snorkeling, Zipline

From 3:30am until 6:00am

At House of Lords, Parliament

House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW.

Cllr Hashim Bhatti / 07765648730 (my mobile)

I am doing 3 different things for World Interfaith Harmony Week 2018: 1) I am organising an Interfaith Afternoon Tea in the House of Lords in Parliament which is sponsored by Lord Mohamed Sheikh for 14 young, diverse faith leaders from different faith organisations such as Three Faiths Forum, Faiths Forum etc. I was part of the Three Faiths Forum ParliaMentors programme and ran their alumni committee for 5 years founding the inaugural alumni awards and the UK's first Interfaith Summit. I will Chair the afternoon tea and the agenda will be about sharing best practices between faith organisations and looking for ways as young leaders we can collaborate to shape the interfaith sector in the UK. The actual date may need to be pushed back to the 19th March 2018 due to Lord Sheikh's commitments. 2) I confronted my fears of the sea by snorkeling in Cancun, Mexico which I did on 12 January 2018 and have picture evidence. I did this with my friends from different faiths who supported me and throughout we discussed the importance of interfaith work. 3) At the end of February 2018 between 23-28th February, I will confront my fear of heights by doing the zipline in Dubai to raise awareness about interfaith harmony week. I hope to be wearing a customised T-shirt for this and will take pictures/video of it. I am not a fan of heights and the sea. Thanks. Hashim

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