Illinois Interfaith Conference 2017

In United States of Americaby


From 10:00 until 8:00

At Ikenberry SDRP Building

Illinois Interfaith

In times of division, how do we come together? 

Join us for the 6th Annual Illinois Interfaith Conference on Saturday, February 25th in the Ikenberry SDRP Building. Starting with a series of mini-talks, national and local guest speakers - such as Rev. J. Cody Nielsen, nationally recognized expert on interfaith work on public campuses – will answer the question: how could interfaith collaboration help us address local, national, and global issues of equality and justice? In the afternoon, the Illinois campus community is invited to a real-world interfaith hackathon, to generate real solutions for building stronger communities in a world of diverse faiths and beliefs. In the evening, the Midwest Interfaith Poets will take the stage with diverse lyric monologues that have a simple goal, to share their lived experiences and promote unity-in-diversity.

All are welcome, and it is FREE for all UIUC students, faculty, and community religious workers ($35 for students/staff from other campuses) and meals are included! Be part of an amazing opportunity to create solutions together as a community. 

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