I AM – An interfaith peacebuilding art exhibition featuring 31 premier Middle Eastern women artists celebrating harmony and peace. (7910)

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A strategic visual art exhibition featuring 31 acclaimed Middle Eastern women artists from Muslim and Christian backgrounds from 12 countries celebrating the rich, diverse and pivotal contribution that Middle Eastern women make to the enduring global quest for harmony and peace.

From 9:00am until 7:00pm

At The Center for the Arts

240 S. Glenwood Street, WY 83001, USA

CARAVAN / 1-630-347-8030

The I AM exhibition organized by CARAVAN is exhibited at The Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming. The local partner in Jackson by thinkWY | Wyoming Humanities. As the world’s attention is focused anew on respecting women’s rights, and while there is an increasing need for developing understanding and encouraging friendship between the peoples of the Middle East and West, I AM is an interreligious peacebuilding exhibition that is a visual celebration of the crucial role that Middle Eastern women play as guardians of peace, celebrating their strengths and rich and diverse contributions in the enduring global quest for a more harmonious and peaceful future. Designed to address stereotypes and challenge misconceptions of the "other," the I AM exhibition showcases the insights and experiences of Middle Eastern women as they confront issues of culture, religion and social reality in a rapidly changing world both in the Middle East and West. The I AM exhibition is guest curated by Janet Rady, a specialist in Middle Eastern contemporary art, and features 31 acclaimed women artists of Middle Eastern heritage from 12 countries. It will next be exhibited at The Theater Gallery of The Center for the Arts in Jackson, Wyoming through February 25, 2018. An official opening program and reception will be held at The Center for the Arts; special guests will include participating Yemeni artist Alia Ali, master Moroccan guitarist Mahmoud “Mood” Chouki and Paul-Gordon Chandler, Founding President of CARAVAN. An exciting schedule of programs and events are accompanying the I AM exhibition to stimulate discussion, dialogue and education, promoting further understanding. About the Artists The 31 women artists participating in I AM are premier artists of Middle Eastern origin from Muslim and Christian backgrounds and cover a broad geographic area from 12 countries. Some noted emerging artists have also been selected for participation. Each artist was invited to create one original two or three-dimensional work in any still art medium for this exhibition: painting, drawing, collage, photography, digital art, mixed media and sculpture.

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