House of One International Conference (355)

In Hungary by


House of One - 3 religions , 1 place of worship

From 9:00am until 3:00pm

At Párbeszéd Háza - House of Dialog

Budapest, Horánszky utca 20

Dialogue Platform Association, House of Dialog, Christian- Jewish Society / +36702858100

The Conference will shed light on the challenges to the importance of interfaith dialogue in the 21st century and introduce the initiative of “House of One”. This project was initiated in Berlin, aiming to construct a single building – a place of worship – that accommodates a church, a synagogue and a mosque, all in one roof. The House of One will be a place where the coexistence of religions is lived peacefully in great openness and appreciation of diversity. The Conference focuses on interreligious dialogue and forms of cooperation between the representatives of different faiths, to emphasize the necessity of coexistence, and to promote religious diversity and heritage in an interdependent world. Roman Catholic,Lutheran, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders and representatives of the Hungarian non-governmental organisations are invited to hold opening and keynote speeches. English and Hungarian translation is provided during the conference.

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