Holiness of the Family (1936)

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Reviewing scripture on verses on family roles and values. Presentations and dialogue tables.

From 2:00pm until 6:00pm

At Heilige Familie Kerk (Holy Familiy Church)

Kamperfoelieplein 279

Interreligious Council Segbroek / +31 6 195 99 55 3

There wil be an openday and a lecture on the 28th of January by the local Hare Krishna Temple. There will be an interreligious meeting on the theme Holiness of the Family on the 3rd of February in the local Holy Family Church. Approach From the Bible, The Veda's and the Noble Qur'an verses are collected containing some information on this theme. 3 of 4 of each will be presented. Another non-religious organisation will give their view on society on this theme. Then people can ask questions for a short period. Then people will have the opportunity to discuss 6 verses, 2 from every religion. 8 minutes per verse, 6 rounds. Then there will be a short summary of the program, and we end with networking and a meal. This event is organized in cooperation with: Interreligious Council Segbroek, Municipality The Hague, ISKCON, Prasne, Kleur.

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