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Promoting free workbook to assist with interfaith values-based conversations about polarizing issues.

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We will be offering free downloads of the Global Values Handbook which is intended to be used as a tool for values-based discussions about today's challenging issues. Rather than using values to divide us, Global Values serve as a common thread uniting people of different religions and cultures for social good. The promotion will be on the ONE website and Facebook: DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS HAVE GREAT POWER Politics, religion, the economy and cultural issues can be challenging to discuss in today's polarized climate. Conservatives view liberals as naive and liberals view conservatives as morally corrupt. Why have the conversation if both sides are unwilling to compromise? When faced with positions that challenge our own, many emotions can arise - anger, frustration, even hatred. It's easy to turn away from such feelings, but we can only find common ground by moving through them. If we let our emotions bubble up and sit with them while we actively listen to each other, beauty and understanding can arise. Active, compassionate listening to those who are different than ourselves can bring forth new opportunities to create a world that works for all. We have the opportunity to step into the shoes of another and see things from another perspective. We can see the other person's pain. We can see their hopes and dreams. We can see the challenges that other people face. And when it comes down to it, we can see our similarities. We begin to see that we are both human. How do we have such conversations? Global Values is a start. By focusing on our shared values rather than our differences, we open the door to a meeting place. Whether or not you have already read Global Values: A New Paradigm For A New World, the Global Values Handbook can serve as a helpful resource for group discussion and individual study. This new and improved manual will guide you through the 10 values that are at the heart of a new paradigm for a new world. Drawing upon Global Values: A New Paradigm For A New World by Karin Miller, the Global Values Handbook poses transformative questions that will shape how you think about global challenges and will inspire you to engage in individual and collective action towards planetary transformation. Like the Global Values book, this manual offers a distinctly approachable holistic paradigm for both personal and social transformation using values to unite people of diverse cultures, religions and political viewpoints for social good. If you are interested in forming a study group or holding an event, please let us know and download your copy today!

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