Global Harmony – A Dialogue for Unity of Humanity & Interfaith Universal Peace Meet (day 2)

In India by


To promote Culture of Peace & Interfaith Harmony & Launching Global Interfaith Harmony Education in India

From 2.00 pm until 5.30 pm

At at Shine Home School Tuglakabad Industrial Area , Delhi,India & at Yoga Niketan- A 129 Ashoka II Faridabad(NCR) ,India

A 129, Ashoka enclave II , Sector 37,Faridabad 121003 India

Global Harmony Action (GHA) Trust India / M - +(91) 9910241586 and +(91) 997100131

Global Harmony – A Dialogue for Unity of Humanity and Interfaith Universal Peace Meet from 1st -7th Feb.2018 at India To celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week from 1st -7th February 2018 In India ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the dawn of the new millennium, there is greater need of unity of social, cultural, religious and political will for unity of humanity to achieve sustainable development of all mankind. Our contemporary society is at the present time driven by a culture of aggression & materialism; and due to this divisive tendency, the entire human civilization is in a state of turmoil. Our world is divided disharmoniously; it is torn by social conflicts of different nations, groups of people and religious classes, therefore it is unsustainable. Human peace & spiritual values are decreasing at a very fast rate, resulting in the deterioration of humanity. In spite of, the significant material progress made by the human being due to advancement of science & technology, mankind is still facing the crisis of humanity; peace and crisis of civilization and sustainability. Global Harmony: Dialogue for Unity, Harmony & Diversity Unity in Diversity is one of India’s most powerful characteristics. India has proved throughout years and years of history that diversity does not pull people apart, it brings them closer together. for unity of humanity. In view of above Global Harmony Association (GHA) India and NGO -COSRO jointly organizing Global Harmony -Dialogue for Unity of Humanity and Interfaith Universal Peace Meet in the schools in New Delhi , NCR Region (Faridabad) & Kanpur (UP) ,India to celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week from 1st to 7th Feb.2018 in New Delhi, Haryana & Kanpur(UP) India. Dr. Subhash Chandra, President &Board Chairman, Global Harmony Association (GHA) GHA Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony, India M - 9910241586Email: [email protected]

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