Gift for Underprivileged Families

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Mr. Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan alias Saeed Khan Falahi

On the first day of official UN Week World Interfaith Harmony Week, the children from underprivileged families were honored with a gift of woolen clothes and jackets. At that time, organizer of the event and renowned peace and human rights advocate Mr. Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan alias Saeed Khan Falahi said, "Poverty is the worst form of human rights violations, and if the governments and people are not aware to safeguard the human rights of each and every human being without any difference, peace is not possible. All types of imbalances in the life of the people must be removed by the governments. Our society is like a garden and the children are like beautiful flowers of this garden, if we can not prove ourselves a good gardener, then our society can never be flourished with peace & prosperity".

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