Full Moon Water Ceremony & Water Wisdom Share (2097)

In United States of America by


From 4:00pm EST until 5:30pm EST


2414 Loma Linda St

Shelley Darling / 4155163555

January 31 Loving Waters in partnership with the #7DaysofRest, invites you to participate in our Super Full Blood Moon Water Blessing and Water Wisdom Share dedicated to all faiths RISING TOGETHER IN SOLIDARITY WITH MOTHER EARTH. January 31st, let's come together in sacred stewardship of Earth and all her creation. Join us for this super full moon🌚ceremony, as we celebrate our unity, concern and love ❤️ for WATER 💦. ZOOM CALL TIMES: January 31st Los Angeles (USA - California) 1:00:00 pm PST Sarasota (USA - Florida) 4:00:00 pm EST Brussels (Belgium) 10:00:00 pm CET Jerusalem (Israel) at 11:00:00 pm IST Sydney (Australia - New South Wales) Feb 1st, 2018 at 8:00:00 am AEDT Auckland (New Zealand) Feb 1st, 2018 at 10:00:00 am NZDT *NEW WATER STEWARDS SAVE YOUR CEREMONIAL SPACE: www.LovingWaters.Life FCBK:#LovingWaters Gather with us online for 90 minutes with a friend, your community, as we carry the highest intentions for the planet. SIgn in at www.LovingWaters.Life to participate and deepen your commitment to steward raising water awareness and action in your region. Download a simple water blessing for you and your community! Bring your Water in a glass or sacred water from your closest well, pond, river or ocean. Share your photos water songs and poems www.Lovingwaters.Life

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