Friendship, Dialogue, Cooperation: Exploring Crucial Elements of Interfaith Harmony (3821)

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Interfaith Glasgow will deliver a series of three events exploring crucial elements of interfaith harmony: friendship building, dialogue, and cooperation.

From 10:00 am until 12:30 pm

At Glasgow Gurdwara and Interfaith Scotland Dialogue Centre

Flemington House (2nd floor), 110 Flemington Street, Glasgow G21 4BF

Interfaith Glasgow / +44 141 558 0778

The Value of Interfaith Cooperation: a Time for Reflection Interfaith Scotland Dialogue Centre. Participation by invitation. The plight of Glasgow’s Refugees and Asylum Seekers is a concern shared across faith communities. Recognising this, Interfaith Glasgow’s ground-breaking Weekend Club project, running now for nearly three years, brings together volunteers from different faith communities to work together to tackle the social isolation resulting from poverty and the lack of service provision at the weekends.

Our interfaith team of ten volunteers organise monthly events for Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and new migrants from all over the world. These family-friendly events help participants better understand Scotland’s culture and traditions, as well as enabling them to share elements of their home traditions. In this special meeting of our Weekend Club volunteers, they will be invited to reflect on their experiences of cooperating across religious boundaries to achieve a shared goal.

Questions they’ll address will include:

• What motivated you to become involved in interfaith cooperative action?

• Why does it matter that this is an interfaith endeavour? What difference does its being an interfaith effort make?

• What are the benefits of this way of working?

• What are the challenges of interfaith collaborative working?

• How can we reach out to our faith communities to gain their greater involvement in this work?

• What other problems could interfaith cooperative action usefully address? The volunteers’ reflections will be recorded and used to promote the benefits of interfaith cooperation.

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