Film screenings for children and young people

In Finland by


We screen three films for children, that deal with immigration, bullying and the dialogue between cultures and religions. The films are : HÖRDUR (Germany), CONTEST(Danmark) and SEVEN SUITCASES(Hungary)- short

From 9:00am until 12:00am

At Oulu, Helsinki, Tampere - in different cinemas around Finland

Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival / +358 8 881 1293

The Oulu Film Centre, that organizes a children's film festival every year , has experience in finding suitable and interesting films about cultural diversity and dialogue for a young audience. This year we screen three films in three cities; Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu. Hundreds of children watch the films and discuss them in their schools with the teachers on bases of Study-guides, given by the Film Centre of Oulu.

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