Feed A Street Child

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A reaching out mission with the aim of showing love,care and compassion to the homeless and needy street children by feeding them and clothing them. Above all, showing them that they are our family and we care irrespective of their gender, religion, race or even culture.

From 12:00pm until 2:00pm

At City Park and Central Park


Zachariah Obati Munayi / +254725981396

INTERRELIGIOUS/INTERCULTURAL COMMUNITY OUTREACH MISSION FEED A STREET CHILD “More than just a meal” Yesterday I believe my perspective in life changed. I went out seeking to feed a group of strangers with thoughts of thanks giving lingering in my head for more reasons than I can put down on paper. It was a day set aside to feed a street child. As part of my “Do good campaign” through A Common Word Among the Youth, I came across the feed a street child campaign on social media and purposed to make a difference in a child’s life in my own little way. I believe in the power of numbers. I decided to rally up everyone I know to join me in replicating the effects of the feed a street child campaign to impact more than just a child in the streets. I made a different call all together to those I have come to term as an army of change (all those who join me in making a difference) under the ACWAY do good campaign. The response I got was overwhelming and a group of us were set to join others in feeding a street child at city park Nairobi. We not only had fed the kids and had fun with them but we also got an opportunity as a team to experience and appreciate the power of a common stand for a worthy cause. Thanks to various organizations that hid the call some of the street children also got an opportunity to be admitted to schools to acquire an education, which will in turn enable then have a real chance in life. All it took is a simple call to reach to and make a difference despite our cultural and religious differences. These young people gave us more than just beautiful memories. In them we saw young people living and sharing life experiences despite their ethical/cultural/religious backgrounds. On the streets they are one family with one purpose-survival. The spirit of brotherhood is embedded in them and I believe we could all borrow a leaf from this and strive to live as one despite our differences. Written by Zachariah Munayi from Kenya, an ACWAY100 participant for the 2015 youth conference in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco. #DoGoodCampaign #MyACWAYproject

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