Fast-A-Thon: An Interfaith Dialogue

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From 4.30 pm until 8.00 pm

4249 Whitman Ct, Seattle, WA 98195

Muslim Students Association - University of Washington

Peace be upon you all,

MSA-UW invites you to join us on February 9th for a night full of remarkable experiences! A night of enriching our knowledge, interfaith dialogue, participating in charity for a good cost, and enjoying a delicious dinner!

How would giving up your meals for a day so that someone else in need could eat that day feel like? Please join us in abstaining from eating and drinking from sunrise to sundown on February 9th. The money you would have spent that day on your meals will be given to Food Lifeline, a local organization that provides meals for the needy. 

Later, join us at the Intellectual House from 4:30 PM - 8:00 PM, where we will begin with facilitated table conversations, break our fasts (fasting is optional, but encouraged), have dinner, and collect donations for the charity. Then, the night will continue with an interfaith dialogue that will consist of speakers from different faiths who will speak about moderation and its importance in each religion, the significance of fasting, and how practices bring us closer to attaining our spiritual and religious goals. Following the speeches, there will be a Q&A panel—bring your questions along!

Fast-A-Thon: An Interfaith Dialogue intends to bring people from different faiths and backgrounds together through interfaith dialogue and charity for a good cause, deepen our understanding of faiths, and build stronger bridges between different faiths. It is more important now than ever to build those bridges.

The event is completely free (that’s right, dinner is free too). The event is open to all. Bring your family and friends! 

See you there!

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