Ek Koshish (Radio Program)

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Delhi University / [email protected]

We in the North zone of India and Afghanistan joined hands with one of the largest university community radio stations in India : Delhi University to air a five day program on World Harmony Week to reach out to thousands to people from diverse backgrounds, gender, age groups, professions etc. As the initiative hopes to take a step towards spreading the message of love, peace and harmony , the name of the show will be Ek Koshish ( One Hope..) being aired from 1st February- 5th February at 11:00 am IST at 90.4 FM. In the days to follow, we will try to explore the possibilities of interfaith harmony by looking into the basic tenets and commonalities all religions share. The golden rule of treat others as you would want them to treat you is one such common thread that runs through all major religions in different versions, is something we will be touching upon. We will also be looking into the aspects of a universal responsibility to contribute to interfaith harmony and the role of religion in that, touching the thoughts of His Holiness Dalai Lama as well. We would also share with you as a part of the series different inspiring stories and efforts of establishing interfaith harmony from Afghanistan, Brazil- South America, South Africa, Cambodia, Kenya, India to name a few places from around the global network so as to encourage us all in our endeavours. The program can be accessed through Delhi University Radio Application ( DUCR) or simply log in at: http://ducr.du.ac.in/

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