Diversity, our advantage. (7695)

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Students will participate in different activities and sessions that encourages openness and respect for other cultures and faiths. That celebrates the diversity of the community in our school and ability of our students to respect one another at such young age.

From 1:00pm until 3:00pm

At Multipurpose Room at ISG Jubail

Al Lulu Rd, Huwaylat. Jubail, Eastern Province. Saudi Arabia

Interational Schools Group, Jubail KSA / +966133417550

Students will participate in different activities and lessons that encourage the celebration of the diversity of our school, focusing specifically in the variety of faiths that our community follows. We want to celebrate that we are able to leave differences aside day by day and want to encourage our students to continue to be exemplary global citizens. On the last day, the school will hold an afternoon tea, where students will be encouraged to discuss and support interfaith harmony, students will be asked to write statements on a large butcher's paper for our school to keep in display during the whole month.

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