Culture and Religion Intertwined: How do we Stay True to Ourselves?

In Canada by


From 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm

At University College - Craft Chapter House

University of Tornoto

An “experts” panel explored How do Culture and Religion influence and interact with each other (with respect to the Jewish, Catholic and Islamic faith tradtions)? A “young adult” panel examined How do we share the joys and overcome the challenges that arise from the influences and interactions between culture and religion? How do we continue to live out our faiths to the fullest, be ourselves, and grow as persons of faith? In Salt+Light Media’s article, Sebastian Gomes reported “A major point of emphasis in the discussion was the positive and unique pluralist reality that exists in Canada. Because of its size relative to its tiny population, its history of complementarity between French and English cultures, its openness to immigrants, and its geographic location, Nasir called it "one of the last outposts of real multiculturalism in the world.””

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