Conference on “The Vocation of the Holy Land” with imam Tareq Oubrou and rabbi David Meyer/Conférence sur la Vocation de la Terre Sainte par l’imam Tareq Oubrou et le rabbin David Meyer

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In 2014, Rabbi David Meyer, Imam Tareq Oubrou and Priest Michel Remaud have published a book called "The Vocation of the Holy Land". This joint work was aimed at comparing the concept of the "holy land" in different religious traditions to eventually imagine religious-inspired solutions to the ongoing war in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Invited at Sciences Po by the inter religious club "Coexister", Imam Tareq Oubrou and Rabbi David Meyer will meet French students to promote their theological approach of a political conflict in which religion is often manipulated to encourage violence. Sincere dialogue, solid hope for peace and the search for concrete solutions through an ambitious interfaith process: these are some of the key elements of this very inspiring joint work. Its authors are keen on discussing them soon with Sciences Po students at the conference they will give during the World Interfaith Harmony Week.

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