Concert of Three Cultures, 4th Edition (Concierto de Tres Culturas) (6561)

In Spainby


From 6:00pm until 8:00pm

At Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo

Plaza de Donoso, 5, 28029, Madrid

Asociación Arco Forum / Asociación Hispano Turca (Casa Turca) / +34622191946

Arco Forum and Casa Turca, in partnership with nearly a dozen other organizations have organized, among other activities, a series of Concerts of Three Cultures since 2014 in the framework of the World Interfaith Harmony Week were held in a number of cities throughout Spain. The concerts include performances by groups representing Christian, Muslim and Jewish cultures. Concert of Three Cultures is an approach to three abrahamic religions, i.e. Judaism, Christianism and Islam through a universal language, the music. This year we will have the pleasure to host four musicians and singers: Alejandro Pewló, Aya El Dika, Renzo Ruggiero and Luis Taberna. The repertoire will consist of ancient songs of jewish sephardic tradition, as well as christian and muslim songs in different languages.

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