Community Meal: Building Friendships Across Religious Boundaries Glasgow Gurdwara.

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Interfaith Glasgow will deliver a series of three events exploring crucial elements of interfaith harmony: friendship building, dialogue, and cooperation.

From 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm

At Glasgow Gurdwara and Interfaith Scotland Dialogue Centre

Flemington House (2nd floor), 110 Flemington Street, Glasgow G21 4BF

Interfaith Glasgow / +44 141 558 0778

At a time when forces of prejudice and hate threaten to destabilise relationships between communities both locally and globally, World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW) provides a perfect opportunity for us to reflect on what interfaith harmony consists in, why it matters, and how we can most effectively work towards it. To this end, Interfaith Glasgow will host a series of three events exploring three key elements of interfaith harmony: friendship, dialogue, and cooperation.

Community Meal: Building Friendships Across Religious Boundaries Glasgow Gurdwara.

Participation by invitation.

This event will bring together approximately 25 people from Glasgow’s diverse faith and belief communities to share a meal provided by Glasgow’s Sikh community.

The theme of the event will be interfaith friendship-building and there will be conversation cards encouraging participants to reflect on and discuss with their neighbours questions such as:

• What does it mean to work towards interfaith friendship? What is the vision of society that we are trying to bring into being?

• What are the most effective ways of building interfaith friendships?

• How can we be more active in building goodwill and trust between faith communities?

• When there is an incident of hate, how can we respond constructively together so that relationships are strengthened rather than weakened? Participant responses to some of these questions will be recorded and shared on social media to encourage greater involvement in interfaith friendship-building efforts. Scriptural Reasoning: Why Engage in Dialogue? Interfaith Scotland Dialogue Centre.

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